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EarthStock provides governments, organizations and individuals with regenerative solutions to the world's most challenging global issues...


Worldwide social and environmental health from the individual to the collective. Regenerating humanity and environment to have the highest quality of life in a social and ecological permaculture.


Individual Wellness, Resource Access, Natural Alignmnt, Expressing Highest Spiritual Morals, Roundtable Colaboration, Compassion, Conscious Planetary Stewardship.

Our Promise

EarthStock's Regenerative Community will educate and inspire you to optimism, advocacy and action to make a difference in the world.

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Upcoming Events

All Times are Mountain Time (MT)

Ongoing Event Updates

Mondays 4pm MT
Build Back Green Team Meeting

Fridays 3PM MT
RMTV Team Meeting

Earthstock Social Media

Every Wednesday
Earthstock Europe
Wednesdays 9am MT

Earthstock Africa
Wednesdays 10am MT

Earthstock C&S America
Wednesdays 6pm MT

Earthstock Asia/Australia
Wednesdays 7pm MT

August 19th - 25th, 2024 Earthstock Summit and Gathering
Crestone, CO & Worldwide Satellites

All events are archived to watch on Vimeo and YouTube from

Past Events

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Earthstock Events
Earthstock Events


Academy for Regenerative Culture (pdf)

Alliance for Regenerative Communites/DAO

Build Back Green
Build Back Green Global

Regeneration Global
Regeneration Global

Regen-Media TV
Regen-Media TV

GAIA Warriors
GAIA Warriors (pdf)

Regenerative Roundtables (pdf)

Regenesis Gatherings
Regenesis Gathering

The Source Directory
The Source Directory

Water Protector Tour
Water Protector Tour

Water Protector Magazine
Water Protector Magazine

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Michael DiMartino

Treasurer / Fundraising / Publicist
Bob Saunders

Creative Director
Davin Skonberg

Rick Keel

Rachel Tice

Design & Building
Lake Frost

Entrepreneur Incubator & Fund Raising
Alex Mednick

Online Community/ Media
Hugh Robinson

Sustainable Community Development
(Build Back Green Global)
Michael DiMartino & Alan Tratner G2G

Curriculum Development
Shawn King

Alan Tratner, Green2Gold
Kevin Danaher, Green Festival
Rachel Linden, Green LIfestyles

Regen Media TV

Golden Road Productions

Earthstock Foundation

Earthstock Enterprises

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